Resurrected book review: A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket (books 1-4)

From May 2012. Can’t wait for the Netflix series! 1. I’m contemplating the whole series, attempting to look deeper for underlying messages and issues I would have missed in junior high and early high school.  There’s quite a lot. First, I’ve been analyzing them more closely as children’s literature and what set them apart and made them so … Continue reading

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Query: Is there a market for wish-fulfillment fiction of people screwing with Christian fundies?

Just asking for a friend. (Because I am my own friend.) I grew up entrenched in the Southern Baptist, evangelical, fundamentalist environment, though through my teenage years I realized just how fucked-up a lot of their stances are, especially on social issues. I used to daydream a lot about being a witch from the Harry Potter … Continue reading