Ursula K. Le Guin’s Acceptance Speech for the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters at the 65th National Book Awards

This is going around in plenty of blogs and social media sites, but I find it important enough to put on my own blog. It does, after all, confront the most crucial dilemmas facing today’s writers. Partial transcription: I think hard times are coming, when we will be wanting the voices of writers who can … Continue reading

Summer in Europe, 2014: Farewell, Roma

Summer in Europe, 2014: Farewell, Roma

(This is the sixth and final part of my six-part travel blog series. We’ve previously visited Rome, Pompeii, Prague, Padua/Venice, and Bologna.) All things come to an end, including two-week vacations abroad, after more than half a year of planning. For the final night, we indulged ourselves by booking a room at a nice hotel instead of a thrifty B&B, and by … Continue reading


Book review: Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket (also, reflections on A Series of Unfortunate Events)

Confession: I am a big Lemony Snicket fan. A Series of Unfortunate Events was one of my favorites through my teen years, though it took a more recent rereading in the last couple of years for me to properly appreciate the majesty and depth of the last few books in the series. (When I originally read them, … Continue reading