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Reblog: A Moving Experience

I’m so excited for Sam. And there’s a lot of truth here, that moving is about so much more than choosing a place to live and arranging for the relocation of all your physical belongings. I’ve only lived in one apartment since I moved out of my parents’ house, and whenever I’ve considered going somewhere else, it ends up involving so many more questions about who I am and want to be — especially what kind of neighborhood and apartment building with which I want to identify. Someday, for instance, I will live in a place with a dishwasher, and that will be such an evolution.


I’ve set this to autopost — well, really, all of these posts are set to autopost, that’s how I roll — but the point is, with this one, as you read it I am supervising the move of all my worldly goods from Wrigleyville on the north side of Chicago to the Prairie District on the south side. Hopefully it’s going well.

You learn two things, generally, when moving:

a) How much stuff you have
b) How little you need for basic survival

Of course, one aspires to slightly more than basic survival, which is why I have eight boxes labeled “kitchen” and about four labeled “linens”. In my defense, they’re small. I don’t have that many boxes of books, because I used to move a lot and books are heavy; I was a super-early adopter of the ebook, though I still don’t own an ebook reader proper.

From the…

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