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New life resolution: not to be suckered in by multi-million-dollar marketing strategies

(something I wrote shortly after New Year’s Day this year, before I started this blog) I’ve never been one to sign up to Fight the Man or to buy into conspiracy theories (even just the admittedly quite plausible theories of vast and vague malevolence by the Powers That Be), but in the last year I’ve … Continue reading


Book review: Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale (or, A Treatise on the Perfect Romance Novel)

(My more succinct review on Goodreads is here.) As I was leaving a review for a recent Meredith Duran book, I noticed in the comments someone sighing over how they missed Laura Kinsale’s books, how no one could match her. That wasn’t an author I’d heard of, so I investigated and found that Flowers from … Continue reading