Hello. My name is Laura Renee.

That’s a new opening for me, despite how I’ve been participating in online communities for over thirteen years now. I believe, as Google and Facebook do not, in separations of online and real life presence and activities. Everyone has interests and activities they’d prefer their grandmothers and little nephews and former lovers didn’t know about.

But I am a writer, and I want to be published someday, I want to be successful. And even though it does not come naturally to many writers, including myself, I acknowledge the importance of building a “brand.” For writers, that’s often a blog. And well, I certainly have Stuff to Say.

So this is the start of an endeavor, a new one to me, despite how I’ve been a compulsive diarist since first grade (video footage exists of me doing Beatles’ fan-esque screams over receiving a diary for Christmas). But this is not a journal in that private sense, nor a way to keep in touch with friends, nor a soothing tumblog to collect gifs of sleepy cats.

This is a Blog.

I admire such bloggers as Neil Gaiman and Andrew Sullivan, who are also writers of books. I am going to try to keep the perspective that this, as all my other journals over the years, is going to be a record — albeit a public one — of myself and my writing, and there will be plenty to critique in it, plenty that will evolve in both style and content and quality. Bear with me, please. Or don’t, that’s okay, it may be a very long time before I have regular followers here who haven’t previously known me.

That’s okay. When I post here, I will visualize the potential audiences I have never before intended to have when I write online, such as relatives googling my name, or my coworkers and bosses (past, current, future). Warning readers now for adult language and topics. But for now, I will be posting here for myself, as a reminder and as a pledge that my career as a writer is not really a long-term goal. It is something I need to be working toward all the time, in a multitude of ways.

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