Native of Houston, Texas and current resident of Tualatin, Oregon. Alumna of the University of Evansville. Technical writer by day, creative writer by night. Martial artist, cyclist, amateur chef and foodie, lover of women, daydreamer.

Things that interest me in stories and life:

  • Historically accurate period dramas/novels
  • Examinations of┬áculture shock (particularly of the newcomer-to-modern-America flavor)
  • Defiance of gender roles
  • Queerness and diversity
  • Women misbehaving
  • Studying what makes one human and what makes one a monster, and how one crosses the line in between
  • Girls bonding with monsters that act (sometimes) as bodyguards
  • Unlikely but Awesome Partnerships
  • Learning how things get made (not like sausage, but more like movies, TV, animation, and radio broadcasting, how all these teams of people work together to produce these things)
  • Good stories, especially those revealing cultures and lives previously unknown to me

Things that do not interest me in stories or life:

  • Objectification of women/the male gaze
  • Gratuitous violence
  • Boring depressing high-minded literature for the sake of being boring and depressing and high-minded
  • Reality TV
  • Bad, tedious, predictable writing

More about why I’m doing this here.

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